Web Objectives can assist you in a variety of ways. We have skills in a wide range of tools and technologies and offer the following services to our customers.
Software development
We can provide you with desktop, mobile or web applications with both network and database connectivity. We can also build rapid prototypes and proof of concept applications.
Technical support
With experience in supporting all of the common operating systems (Linux, Windows, Macintosh, & Unix) we can assist your organisation in day to day operational issues and increasing your staffs effective up-time. We can also develop and deliver training session and materials.
Project management
If you have the resources to run your own technical projects internally but would like assistance in managing your projects, whether your needs involve simply mentoring or you require dedicated onsite management, then we can help.
Cloud migration
If you would like to move your infrastructure to the cloud, we can assist, including virtualisation of servers, migration of web and database systems.